Jessica L Bryant:

Watercolor Painter

Working primarily in dry brush techniques, Jessica focuses on representing local landscapes as well as the National Park Service.  She has served as Artist-in-Residence for Rocky Mountain and Badlands National Parks.  During four stints as AiR for Badlands, about 25 weeks total, Jessica explored the most remote areas of the park and compiled a large body of work, culminating in a one-man show in Rapid City, SD.  Her work has been exhibited locally and nationally, including in New York City with the American Watercolor Society and in Washington D.C. with the US Botanical Garden for an exhibition celebrating the centennial of the National Park Service.  Jessica greatly enjoys teaching as an opportunity to share the versatility and capability of the (often under appreciated) watercolor medium.  In addition to teaching classes for all ages and abilities at Redbrick and travelling to offer workshops, Jessica is the Director of the Fine Arts Performance Team at Sorensen Magnet School of the Arts and Humanities, where she has twice served as artist-in-residence.  During one of her residencies, she worked will all 380 students to paint a sixty foot long mural of Tubbs Hill, a city park and natural space in downtown Coeur d'Alene.

Chelsea Cordova:

Acrylic and Oil Landscape Painter.

I mostly paint landscapes and in relating to the subject matter of nature I feel most interested when I am trying to solve the problem of pulling together my emotional and visual observations into a piece that is both expressive and realistic. Painting landscape out of doors is an activity that allows me to be alert to my senses and slightly challenged to capture the fleeting impression I see in life and gives me an experience to bring into the studio to expand upon. Landscape as a subject invites me to reflect upon the world in a spiritual sense as it is full of contrasts such as growth and decay, dormancy and change, light and dark. I enjoy the painterly application of thicker paint and loose brushwork in oils and the textural effects possible in acrylics.

Sharalee Howard: 

Fine Bookbinder.